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Strathearn Arts Map Commission
by Catherine McMillian

The Strathearn area is home to numerous stunning and iconic buildings that are truly breathtaking. We commissioned local artist Catherine McMillan to capture the essence of these architectural masterpieces. Catherine's artwork plays an important role in highlighting many of Strathearn's well-known buildings including Innerpeffray Library, Earthquake House in Comrie, The Glenturret Distillery, Dundurn Parish Church in St Fillians, Muthill Old Church and Tower, Strathearn Arts, Crieff Hydro, White Church in Comrie and a Nissen hut at Cultybraggan camp. Her art adds a new layer of depth to the local area and helps to foster a greater appreciation for the history and culture of the community bringing them together in a single glance for all to appreciate.

Catherine primarily used old atlases and maps sourced from charity and secondhand bookshops. Whenever possible, she specifically selected map sections that related to the building being represented in the piece. This allowed her to strengthen the local connection within the artwork.

Whether it's through vibrant colours, intricate details, or stunning compositions, Catherine's artwork serves as a visual celebration of the rich and diverse landscape of Strathearn, helping to connect residents and visitors alike to the unique character and charm of this special place.


About Catherine 

As a self-taught artist, Catherine has been interested in art since childhood. Initially, she painted in watercolour or pastel and occasionally combined these mediums. However, it wasn't until she took a career break to raise her family that she started to paint more frequently as a way to relax from a busy day with young children.  

Collage is a relatively new medium for Catherine, which came about following a short course on the subject at the National Galleries of Scotland. She uses old maps and atlases to create images by carefully selecting and cutting individual map sections, then meticulously arranging them to flow naturally into each other, allowing each image to develop and come to life.

In commissioned artwork, she will ask the client to name places relevant to them or the intended recipient, which is then incorporated into the collage to give a more personal touch. 

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