Marketing Project

Calling freelance marketeers and marketing agencies

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Deadline for Proposals: 11th July

Our overall marketing goals can be summarised as follows:


  • raise the organisation’s profile

  • increase awareness of the programme

  • maximise income through driving ticket sales, space rental and retail activity


The project scope is focussed on awareness of the programme and ticket sales. Within this, it encompasses the full range of our marketing activities including print (Seasonal Programme Brochures, posters, flyers etc) and digital (Digital Display, website, email and social media). It also includes our marketing content management (photos, video content, blurb etc) and how we create, acquire, store and use our content.


Deliverable 1.

We use paid social media advertising on an basis, usually when we identify that ticket sales on a particular event are lagging behind expectations.

  • We require an evidence-based, best practice recommendation for the use of paid social media advertising for our events.

Deliverable 2.

Mailchimp is used to reach our emailing list of approx. 1000 subscribers. We feel that this is a low number and should be grown. Our assumption is that this is the most effective way to reach our core audience members.

  • Can this be evidenced?

  • If it can, we require a campaign to be delivered that will substantially grow this list.


Deliverable 3.

Our online presence consists of our website and Eventbrite pages for ticket sales. We are unhappy with the duplication of effort that this requires and also the website visitor experience.

  • We require a new approach which improves efficiency, user experience and grows ticket sales.


Deliverable 4.

Seasonal programme Brochure. Currently, content and images are provided by Strathearn Arts to an external designer. They produce a layout and design for approval. They then arrange printing. Strathearn Arts arranges distribution via Royal Mail and with volunteers.

  • We require detailed and costed recommendations for a more effective and streamlined process for the production of our seasonal brochure.


Deliverable 5.

Currently, we produce A3 posters for all of our events using a template design. These are distributed around the locality. This approach has not been validated and, as our programme increases in size, it may not be sustainable.

  • We are seeking recommendations for the use of posters including: Are posters an effective way to reach our audience (compared to other methods)? Which type of events benefit most from having a poster? When is the optimal time to distribute posters ahead of an event? How should we prioritise when we have numerous events to promote?


Deliverable 6.
We currently have very limited and ad hoc PR activity. Our events are picked up by a number of listings sites but we have not identified the key ones that we are not picked up by. We have good contacts at our local newspaper and usually can get the coverage we request. However, outwith Strathearn, we have very limited media contacts that we can channel stories to.

  • We require a review and recommendation of our listings sites and a significantly expanded media contacts list including print and online media.