A virtual exhibition showcasing creativity and talent within our community

Strathearn on Lockdown - a virtual exhibition

Life across the world has been unrecognisably altered by the COVID-19 pandemic and when 'lockdown' was introduced on 23 March our own part of the world looked and felt very different.  We invited everyone - juniors, seniors and in-betweeners - who responded creatively to life in lockdown to share what they had created and participate in an online exhibition.

We hope you enjoy and find inspiration in the range of work shown here. Much of it is now on display at our newly opened premises at 2 Comrie Street (next door to our main building).  The exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm.  Some of the artists and makers have donated their work to help us raise much-needed funds towards our work.  So come along and take a look - we look forward to welcoming you!


Click on each image to see it in full and find out background information.

Rainbow Glass Dish by Jane Drysdale, Barkley Glass
Jane explored a new glass-making technique during lockdown using high-quality glass and coloured 'strings' to create this rainbow dish.
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Wonderfully structural Hellebores by Lynn England
Lynn England focusses on the detail as seen in this series of images. For more information visit her website https://www.lynnenglandphotography.com
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Comely Bank by Marion Lewis
Watercolour painting
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The White Church by Lynn Macgregor, 'The Strathearn Snapper'
Original photo converted into wall art
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Loch Sunset by Morag Simpson
painted in oils on paper; inspired by but not representational of Loch Earn
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Woman's Head by Naimh Ross (aged 17)
Created during Logos art workshop inspired by work of Kandinsky
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Circles by Hannah McDougall (aged 16)
Created during art workshop at Logos inspired by work of Kandinsky
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Stonehaven Beach by Savannah McCrory (aged 14)
Photographed during a visit to Stonehaven after travel restrictions were lifted
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The Owl by Sophie Caudrey (aged 11)
Drawing of a Snowy Owl created during lockdown
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Coppiced Beech by Isobel Hunt
From a favourite dog walk in Comrie. Painted to illustrate the homeopathic remedy Carbo veg which is made from charcoal
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Community Garden Door transformed by the Smith family
The Smith family: Catriona, Graeme, Sophie (age 7), Harry (age 4), Bill and Muriel, gave the Crieff Community Garden a makeover during lockdown re-using existing materials with the addition of some paint and a lot of enthusiasm.
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Cup of Hope Anne Keelan
Rainbow Tea Cosy knitted by Anne Keelan
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'Corona Hope': hand-carved boat by Tommy Stanners 

made from scratch during lockdown

Hero Bears by Debbie Thirsk
Made with their unique scrubs as gifts for frontline workers
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Scrubs for NHS - sewed by a team across Crieff and Strathearn
Those who sewed: Christine Forsyth, Judith Tipping, Rona McCarra, Lynn Scott-Cockle, Pam Regan, Esther Aitken, Jane-Marie Laird, Lorraine Gardner, Reina McArthur, Rowan Mestecky, Lynn Bowers, Mhairi Farquhar, Susie O'Neill, Lesley Wright, Pat Leigh, Beth Fotheringham, Meg Griffiths, Jane White, Gill McBride, Gitte Bushby, Heather Walker, Joan Walker, Laura Hustwayte, Margaret Coll, Margaret MacVicar, Molly Wilcock, Anne Grodzicka, Juliet Hughes, Clare and Iona Aldridge, Sheena Plummer
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Convertible Bag by Christine Forsyth
Christine made this shoulder/cross-body/backpack bag as a welcome break from sewing scrubs.
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Wee Scrubs by Esther Aitken
Esther is part of the team making full-sized sets of scrubs for the NHS.
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All is but a dewdrop on a blade of grass by Caroline Moore
Covered notebook in freestyle embroidery inspired by the natural world
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'Face' Masks created by Rowan Mestecky
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Seagull by Pete Evanson
Digital art created on an ipad
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'Crieff in Lockdown' filmed by Leona Craig

Reasons to be cheerful Sharon Russell
00:00 / 02:23

A lockdown take on the old Ian Dury classic

Seems Like Old TimesSharon Russell
00:00 / 02:45

Sharon Russell reflects on all the things we're missing in her own composition based on a 1930s tune

'Journey of a lockdown loo roll' created by the Strathearn Snapper with help from the people of Strathearn

Kindness by Robert Booth
The phone box exchange in Muthill
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Lockdown 001 by Oliver G M Lewis
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Big SkyJennie Turnbull
00:00 / 00:38
Strange DaysJennie Turnbull
00:00 / 01:28
RewildingJennie Turnbull
00:00 / 00:33
Lockdown DaysSharon Russell
00:00 / 01:38
He SaidSharon Russell
00:00 / 01:30
Lockdown: a poemLynn England
00:00 / 00:56
Stop, Look, Look Again by Iz Robertson
Part of a mindfulness walk in Broich Woods and along the River Earn
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I am half sick of shadowsMaurice Gartshore
00:00 / 01:37
TimeTommy Stanners
00:00 / 01:59
Reflection by Carol McKee
taken in Lady Mary's Walk, Crieff
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Barvick Falls taken by Kim Osborne
Daily Exercise in Strathearn's beautiful landscape
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Forbury GardensSharon Russell
00:00 / 01:49
The Age of Pestilence Maurice Gartshore
00:00 / 01:39
April Dawn Chorus in Ferntower Road
Evening Birdsong in Lovers' Walk

'From dawn to dusk' - April dawn chorus recorded at Ferntower Raod by Catriona Watson; evening birdsong recorded by Fiona Wellstood at Lovers' Walk

Lovers' Walk taken by Fiona Wellstood
wild garlic frames the path beside the Turret Burn
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Wise Owl taken by Gordon Wright
"Stay Safe" says the wise old owl
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Cup of Hope Anne Keelan

Rainbow Tea Cosy knitted by Anne Keelan