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Exploring Printmaking

During the spring of 2023, Strathearn Arts collaborated with local Textile Designer and Artist, Helen Gallogly, to launch a 10 week Exploring Printmaking course to our pool of Art for Wellbeing participants. Helen’s credits include textile design for the Outlander drama series, Lung Ha’s Theatre company and Dundee City Council.

Open to those who wished to improve their overall wellbeing, the project was inspired by the physical environment of Strathearn and used a variety of printing techniques including collagraph, screen printing and mono printing. The group made a range of prints that visualised the Perthshire terrain and the stories that have emerged from its landscapes.

This project was part of our ongoing commitment to provide high-quality artistic experiences to those who wish to improve their mental and physical health. We are grateful for the generous support from Foundation Scotland who allowed this project to materialise.

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