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During the summer of 2023, Strathearn Arts collaborated with Sonic Bothy - an inclusive, experimental and new music organisation that explores, composes and performs experimental and contemporary music. Sonic Bothy has been providing opportunities of all levels for learning, physically disabled and neurodiverse people to create experimental and new music since 2012.

Over the period of eight weeks, this light-hearted, free, community project was open to members of the public with a learning disability or neurodiversity. Sourcing materials from local reuse charity Remake, the project accessibly experimented with sound and music using found objects, improvisation and instruments with an experienced and dedicated team of musicians.

Photos by Jen Martin.

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Parallel Lines

More about
Sonic Bothy

Sonic Bothy has been supporting disabled musicians to make contributions to sound and music culture for a decade.  Sonic Bothy Ensemble – an ensemble project involving musicians with and without disabilities, learning conditions and neurodiversities - has been breaking new ground in new and experimental music since 2012, creating original music that explores music accessibility.  Sonic Bothy Ensemble’s performance and appearances have included some of Scotland and the Uk’s most internationally recognised music festivals, such as BBC Tectonics Online, Tusk Festival, Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra festival, Counterflows and Sound Festival.  Sonic Bothy Ensemble’s recent pandemic work ‘Verbaaaaatim’ was featured on BBC Radio 3’s New Music Show in May 2021, and was shortlisted for a John Byrne Award earlier this year.

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